Coaching leadership

Coaching leadership


Become a coaching leader

When you coach, it's about finding potential in other people, be it your employees or your stakeholders, and thereby helping them to take full advantage of their opportunities. Through this you can help other people get the most out of their work or themselves as human beings.

By coaching your employees, you not only get satisfied employees, but you also get employees who are more committed and who perform more. ManAd provides five tips to become more coaching in your leadership style:

1. Have confidence, always believe in the good in the employee, if employees feel supervised, many lose the desire to be proactive and an apathetic attitude to work easily arises.

2. Freedom under responsibility, make the employee take responsibility and remember that all employees are different, some thrive with a great responsibility and others not a minor one.

3. Use a structural model for your coaching sessions, it could for example be the CROW model, thereby ensuring that goals and common direction.

4. Prepare an action plan, in cases where it makes sense.

5. Listen to your employees, this will make you smarter, but you will also ensure that your employees find solutions themselves, which makes them stronger and more skilled.