Does your management and organization appreciate the values ​​created by the procurement department?

Procurement departments in most companies today are responsible for great value creation. The value emerges through many different initiatives and not just from the traditional saving part. These can be areas such as process optimization, better supplier collaboration, optimized specifications in production, cost avoidance, better payment conditions, etc.

Despite the value creation and the increased importance that Procurement represents for the organizations, Procurement often does not get much speaking time and is in most companies not even represented at C-level. This is often due to the fact that value creation is not made visible enough to management.

If Procurement wants speaking time at C-level, the good results must be made more visible, as success is most often created through the good results. A good way to do this is by creating a solid Dashboard that is aligned with the company's overall strategy. The dashboard must contain relevant KPIs for the company.


Example of Dashboard

This not only achieves savings and efficiencies, but also an understanding in the organization and management of the values ​​that are created and that benefit the entire organization.

How to create your company's unique Dashboard, you now have the opportunity to learn more about at NSCCM's new course Strategic Procurement.

Here you will learn how to work professionally to make Procurements performance visible at C-level level. This is done through a process where the following exciting and relevant areas, among others is part of the course:

    • How to build a robust pipeline that creates solid results?
    • How can the results be measured?
    • Agreement with management on KPIs and how they are measured
    • Building a Procurement Dashboard
    • Monitoring and managing KPIs